Mary: New Force and Creativity

You can meet Mary in our video.

For me, getting sober was the tip of the iceberg. Now, finally, I’ve gotten below the surface.

I had been to at least ten therapists since college, spent thousands of dollars on getting a more objective point of view. Various spiritual and religious approaches gave me some direction but none were so simple or as uniquely for me as Dr. Brown’s method. It doesn’t lead to someone else’s god or a golden calf. It is directly from inside me and can only lead to my authentic self. It has been the most transformative and spiritual of all my experiences. And it has not been painful, like other teachers have said is a necessary price to pay.

At 66 years old, I was beginning to think that my excitement for life had gone by . . . I wasn’t experiencing that joie de vivre as much as I used to. I resigned myself to functioning at this lower vibration. But this step work with Dr. Brown has unleashed my passion, force, and creativity—I feel an authentic light from within.

So many of my usual activities do not hold the same allure they once did. More and more I find myself avoiding or declining invitations, or leaving early, because I am beckoned to be alone in the oasis of my own home and company, and happy and more comfortable doing so. So much of the time before this work, I was willing to pay a price to meet what I thought were my social needs.

I have a potted guava tree in my front patio that was looking rather brown and unhealthy. So I got in there and trimmed all the dead branches and leaves. It felt like what I have been doing with the work. The tree is looking more alive and beautiful. That is my experience too.

Perhaps the biggest single realization is how to bestow genuine love on any of the people in my past or present. For now I can see the light that shines from me, through me, which gives love freely, no expectations, no strings.

No matter what my life looks like from the outside, the changes inside are abundant and profound. There is a stillness about me—a quietude, a sustained certainty—that I have not known before. I love my life. Everything is significant and nothing is oppressive. The snake has shed its old skin.

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