Therapists and Treatment Pros: A New Way to Help

As a treatment professional, you may be frustrated by how hard change comes to your clients, whether you are using the traditional Twelve Steps or talk therapy. Either can be life saving, and yet too many people relapse into addictive behavior or make only incremental progress on what troubles them.

The Brown Method step therapy is effective for all control issues, chemical addiction being only the extreme end of a wide spectrum. Let’s face it, we all have control issues to one degree or another. As a facilitator of the Brown Method, you will support your clients in the work of change—spiritual work that results in a fundamental change of consciousness that can’t help but change lives. The transformations you will be witness to are extremely gratifying.

Ideally, you will complete the step work yourself—there’s no substitute for that experience, which will enhance your capacity to facilitate the work with your clients. Not to mention enhance your own precious life.

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First and foremost, read Addiction Is the Symptom. If you have not yet done so, it’s a must. While written for the client, it outlines almost everything you need to know, including the details of the step process.

Download the facilitation guidelines. Dr. Brown offers some additional information and advice for professionals. Download.

Download a facilitation agreement. For your convenience, we’ve also created a model facilitation agreement. Download.

Still have questions? Your first stop is Dr. Brown’s cowriter, Laura MacKay. Laura has completed the step process and is an expert on the content of the book. Please use this contact form.

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