Jen: This Is Life-Changing

As of this writing, I’ve been sober for almost 17 months, and it’s been just a little over one year since I started working with Dr. Brown. Sometimes it seems like years, because I am so far removed from the person I was 13 months ago and the person I am today.

When we started, I perceived that the work would help to keep me sober, which was my only goal at the time … to stop drinking, abstinence! But as I came out the other side after 90 days, the work was about changing me, not just abstaining. It’s not just about not drinking and counting the days away from my last drink, but about looking forward and knowing that I deserve a full, wonderful life of my own choosing.

It was the issue of control that was integral to my recovery. The work taught me that I have no control over anything or anyone except myself. This helps me now when I get in a pinch, when I feel the resentments. Now I look (with a clear mind, a sober mind) at why I’m feeling resentful and/or hurt and understand that most likely I am attempting to control someone or something other than myself, and I simply have to “turn this over” and let it go!

This is more than not drinking. This is life-changing.

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