Ernie: The Way to Serenity

You can meet Ernie in our video.

Prior to beginning my step journey with Dr. Brown, I was consumed with fear, doubt, and insecurity, though I could hardly understand how those concepts actually operated within me and my life. When I began the work, I had little understanding of myself beyond the notion that I could not drink safely.

I found the detailed and systematic structure and direction inherent in Dr. Brown’s method to be comforting and supportive. Though I was located across the continent while working with Dr. Brown, communication, by telephone, was easy. The work helped me to discover who I am and what I want and need, as well as what I don’t want and don’t need.

Dr. Brown’s method and her focus on the fourth step inventory increased my understanding of the core causes of addiction. I was able to identify the fear, control, and manipulation that had defined my personal and professional relationships before I completed my step work.

Today, I credit the quality of my life to the work I did with Dr. Brown, and especially the insight I gained through her method of taking the fourth step. As everyone, my life still includes trials and difficult times. But because I gained a deep understanding of the role fear plays in every relationship and decision my alcoholic brain undertakes, I have been able to return continually to the methods Dr. Brown taught me to see clearly the way to serenity.

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