They Did It. So Can You

Meet a few of the many people who have been empowered by The Brown Method™ step therapy to overcome addiction to drugs, food, relationships, and more—and further, to find their authentic selves. You can meet some of them in our testimonial video.

Mary  “I had been to at least ten therapists since college.” more

Ernie  “I was consumed with fear, doubt, and insecurity.” more

Carolena  “I had no sense of self, and I was truly lost.” more

Alex  “All the Twelve Step programs I experienced never healed me from my using.” more

Chris  “When I hit bottom with codependency, I thought my pain would kill me.” more

Joan  “My life was chaotic even when I wasn’t drinking.” more

Paul  “I hated everyone, but especially myself.” more

Jen  “The work was about changing me, not just abstaining.” more