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Interview: Dr. Brown on Voice America Talk Radio

October 19, 2015 | Written by:

Dr. Brown spells things out in a Voice of America interview

Dr. Brown and I were recently interviewed by Dr. Irene Conlan of Voice America’s Self Improvement Show. The hourlong interview is a nice overview of Dr. Brown’s ideas and step method. What is addiction and where does it come from? What’s wrong with the traditional 12 Steps? How are hers different? Continue

A Shout-out to AA

April 30, 2015 | Written by:

The program has its problems. And its powers

The Twelve Steps and the program of AA have plenty of detractors. But don’t think Dr. Rosemary Brown is one of them. Her book Addiction Is the Symptom is based on the Twelve Steps, after all. And she credits AA with saving her life. Continue