Reader Reviews

“An incredibly insightful and helpful read”

“This book feels very loving. It’s an incredibly insightful and helpful read. I totally recommend it. What Dr. Brown has done is give us a new gift of freedom. I think everyone who reads the book will understand what that means.”

—Dr. Irene Conlan, The Self-improvement Show

“A more complete system of addressing the issues”

“I became very interested in how addiction works in people when I was recently introduced to the term ‘dry drunk.’ I have a family member who is in a relationship with a man who has been physically sober for over 20 years, but who has never addressed the emotional issues at the core of his addiction, and therefore still operates very much like an actively alcoholic person. I really appreciated Dr. Brown’s insights, and feel that she has a more complete system of addressing the issues with her added recommendation of seeking professional help. I do agree with the reviewer who pointed out that it may be physically and financially difficult to find a professional with the needed experience, but I feel that that seeking one out should be a priority.”

 —jskate, excerpt from Amazon

“The concept of symptom substitution was absolute genius”

“I had never thought of addictions in this way, about them all being linked. Or about how some are praised while others have varying degrees of social acceptance or non acceptance, but they are STILL addictions and need to be healed. It makes you think about your own personal issues and I think that’s what the goal of the book is, it to get you to dig deep and find a way to heal the source. The concept of symptom substitution was absolute genius. I have seen this, but only related to substituting alcohol for hard drugs. I didn’t realize that so many other things could be substitutions, but she explains why they are just substitutions and not a solution. Dr. Brown’s reworking the 12 steps with real life experience and this realization is just amazing. I truly hope millions find help through this process and ACTUALLY heal, not just treat the symptoms. . . . Bravo, Rosemary. I feel more prepared to help others, and certainly like I have been blessed to have read your book.”

—Chelsea, excerpt from Amazon

“It will help you view addiction in a different light”

“This book is a great resource for anyone suffering from addiction, whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. Dr. Brown touches upon what I feel is an important aspect of addiction, and that is emotional dependency. She stresses that emotional dependency is the common cause of ALL addictions. She offers a more in-depth approach to the 12 steps, with an added recommendation of seeking professional help to assist you on your journey to being healed. This part is also real important, the idea that addictive behavior can be healed. She notes how this is a totally ‘new’ concept, and one that is not readily accepted by supporters of the current model of treatment. I wholeheartedly feel that it is something that is entirely possible for addicts to achieve, and her method of doing so is definitely worth a shot for anyone who is trying to battle an addiction. Overall, I think one should have an open mind when reading this book, and at the very least, it will help you to view addiction in a different light.”

—CFamon, excerpt from Amazon

“Not just a one-off for inspiration . . . a guide by which to live your life”

“When I picked up Dr. Brown’s Addiction Is the Symptom I felt like I might be an outsider. I am an addict. I struggle with anger, resentment, fear and frustration. I have sought to remedy all of these emotions with substance and vice. However, I have never been to a meeting. I don’t know the 12 Steps by heart. What I do know is that addictive behavior has had a negative impact on my life for as long as I remember. My hesitation about the book proved to be unfounded.

“Before this book, I believed that addictive behavior was the problem that I needed solved. As Dr. Brown’s book so clearly states however, ‘Addiction is the Symptom'; the symptom of much more basic behaviors that I’ve come to realize are entirely under my control. . . . It can be difficult to come to the realization that so much of your grief has been within your control and you simply weren’t aware of it, but for me the shift in thinking has been like coming to breathe at the surface after not even realizing I was underwater.

“This book is not just a one-off for inspiration or motivation, it is a guide by which to live your life, achieve peace and abandon so much anger. I will continue to read through Addiction is the Symptom as I feel it has exactly what I need, when I need it.”

—Scott Brown, excerpt from Amazon

“This isn’t just talk therapy. It requires realigning oneself spiritually”

“As Dr. Brown clearly points out, addiction is the outcome rather than the cause. Certainly, there can be a biological component, but there is usually something deeper driving the addiction. Addicts often replace one addiction with another when the initial one is ‘overcome.’ So, the apparent addiction is more often the outward sign, just as a fever is an outward sign of the flu. What Dr. Brown wants us to do is to dig deeper to unearth past pain and trauma and to release it. This isn’t just talk therapy. It requires realigning oneself spiritually according to each person’s understanding. The contention is that all of these behaviors we have acquired have overlaid our true nature and separated us from who we would be if we were free of them. Simply put, the power of choice is restored. Natural talent is restored. Confidence in ourselves is restored.”

—Marc B., excerpt from Amazon

“Short and to the point, not preachy”

“Goes beyond the ordinary 12 step AA approach to addiction. [Dr. Brown] goes further to heal where the real problems lie, the emotional dependency. She teaches the reader through her own personal real life examples and some of her clients as well. The book is very insightful and gives a unique perspective on how our behaviors is what leads to addiction. The book really looks at the causes of addiction and through her honest perspective, it makes you the reader respect her and her professional findings. The information in this book is presented in away that makes it like having a personal conversation. Also makes the book a easy read. She keeps it short and to the point. Which keeps it interesting and not preachy.”

—Carey Cravens, excerpt from Amazon

“Definitely worth a read”

“Definitely worth a read. The format is very easy to follow and the writing is professional. I particularly liked the personal stories as I think it helps people to hear that others are struggling through similar situations. . . . I would recommend this book to anyone personally suffering from an addiction problem or anyone that has a friend or family member with a problem.”

—K. Allison Davis, excerpt from Amazon

“Plenty of real-life examples”

“An extremely helpful guide here that is based on the 12 Steps of AA but with a unique upgrade I think. . . . There are plenty of real life examples of the author as well as some of her clients who have been through the process as well which I found helpful and encouraging to read as well. The appendixes at the end of the book which include an outline of the Brown Method and Self-Evaluation of Independence were nice bonuses to an already great guide. One part in the book that grabbed my attention and heart was the definition/description of independence: ‘The opposite of emotional dependency. Only when we become emotionally independent—able to meet our own emotional needs—can we be free of the need to control and manipulate others to get our needs met. Without independence, therefore, there is no love.’ I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has an addiction or addictive behavior (nearly all of us in one form or another do) that they want or need an answer for. Thank you for sharing Dr. Brown!”

—Pammysue, excerpt from Amazon

“Makes perfect sense”

If someone I knew were going through the 12-step process, I would strongly recommend this book. While I am not familiar with the details of each of the steps, I have known many people that have felt intimidated to give it a try. Rosemary Ellsworth Brown cuts this process down into easier to follow, more succinct milestones that help the person understand the reason for each while also not leaving room open for relapse. I found this book insightful to learn the healing process as well as the perspectives of what leads to various behaviors that lead to addiction. I had quite a few moments where I thought to myself ‘Oh. I never thought of that, but it makes perfect sense.’ ”

—Jill Baker, excerpt from Amazon

“Dr. Brown is so honest in her experiences”

“Many of the self-help books I’ve read come across as preachy or seem unprofessional. This is the exact opposite. Dr. Brown is so honest in her experiences that it allows that reader to really connect with her personally and to respect and understand her professionally. I really liked the layout of this book-there are personal stories, lists, definitions, subheadings, and examples. The layout keeps the book interesting and relevant. Overall, I think it’s a great resource-it really looks at the causes of addiction and focuses on healing in a holistic sense and I definitely would recommend this book.”

—hwensils, excerpt from Amazon