What Is The Brown Method™ Step Therapy?

There’s nothing wrong with you. What’s wrong is all the garbage piled on top of you. The Brown Method step therapy s a modification of the Twelve Steps that lets you get your authentic self out from under the lifetime of conditioning that is fueling your addictive behaviors. That means drugs, overeating, unhealthy relationships … whatever it is that you want to stop, but can’t.

What makes it different from the traditional Twelve Steps?

  • The Brown Method step therapy focuses on cause rather than symptom: on the emotional dependency that causes addictive behavior, not the behavior
  • It eliminates trial and error with precise instructions for Step Four, which has been reworked to heal emotional dependency
  • It utilizes a trained facilitator, such as a professional therapist, as a guide
  • Brief, daily contact with your facilitator, if you need it, means you’re never alone or confused
  • You do the work of healing in small, manageable pieces — just 20 minutes a day — that add up to something big
  • Much of your contact with your facilitator can be by phone
  • Many people finish the whole process in as little as 12 weeks
  • More details here

Step meetings and the Big Book: optional

You never have to set foot in meeting if you don’t care to. That’s your decision. Fans of the steps and will find The Brown Method step therapy somewhat different, yet familiar and respectful. If you’ve never taken to the steps, you will likely find Dr. Brown’s modifications more appealing. If you’ve never even thought of the steps as applying to you, think again! Done right, they constitute a powerful process for personal and spiritual growth that anyone can benefit from.

Healing is possible

How likely are you to heal if you don’t even believe it’s possible? As the program would have it, you will always be “in recovery,” never recovered. The Brown Method step therapy assumes that healing is possible. And wherever you live on the addiction spectrum, healing emotional dependency equals transformation: becoming powerful in your own right and reaching your full potential as a human being.

Read the book introduction here.