Foreword by Len Baltzer, FACATA
Cofounder, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

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I had been sober continuously for over twenty-five years when Dr. Rosemary Brown first introduced me to her method for ending addiction in all its forms, with its focus on a precise working of AA’s Step Four: “a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

I had taken a number of inventories over the years. They were good and cleansing, as they should be. Dr. Brown’s method, however, was like a searchlight. It allowed me to reach into the very corners of my mind and my heart. With it, I took my first truly searching and fearless moral inventory.

As a result, I experienced freedom in my life as never before. Yes, I had been abstinent for many years, but I finally felt healed. Today, I have over forty-five years of continuous sobriety and a more joyful life full of happiness and humor. As an AA sponsor, I have also had the opportunity to guide people through Dr. Brown’s method and subsequently to witness huge improvements in their lives as well.

Now Dr. Brown has outlined her method in this book.

Alcoholics Anonymous,known to many of us as the Big Book, was first published in April of 1939. Fourteen years later, in April 1953, Alcoholics Anonymous published Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Since then, many individuals have written various self-help books for the millions who struggle with addiction—to alcohol, drugs, food, sex, relationships—so that they might work the Twelve Steps. But this is the only such book I know of that I believe is, like the Big Book and the Twelve and Twelve, divinely inspired. It is the chapter that’s been missing from our recovery bible.

Dr. Brown’s Fourth Step Algorithm, based on forty years of personal, professional, and academic research, is easy to understand and simple to follow. Fearlessly do the work. Watch your life unfold before you. You will at last get a clear picture of those hidden corners, of areas that you have flatly refused to look at over months or even, as in my case, years. You will reap the benefits in the form of the serenity and joy you long for.