This is the complete introduction to Addiction Is the Symptom.

As one begins to understand oneself, that very beginning is the moment of freedom; and that is why it is very important not to have a guru, or make any book into an authority—because it is you who create authority, power, position. What is important is to understand yourself.

—J. Krishnamurti, Sixth Talk in Bombay, 1956

What is addiction? Over the course of a lifetime, I’ve experienced it personally, researched it academically, and, as a psychologist, treated it professionally. And I’ve come to define it more broadly than most: an addiction is any person, substance, or situation over which we have lost choice or believe we cannot live without—as evidenced by our continuing to consume or do or just want it despite the consequences for our health, mental state, family, and freedom.  Read more


Foreword by Len Baltzer, FACATA
Cofounder, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

I had been sober continuously for over twenty-five years when Dr. Rosemary Brown first introduced me to her method for ending addiction in all its forms, with its focus on a precise working of AA’s Step Four: “a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”  Read more