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Self-control Is the Only Control

October 12, 2015 | Written by:

All addictive behaviors are variations on the mother of them all: control

We are fundamentally powerless. But we don’t believe it. We try to control it all, fail, and then self-medicate the deepening sense of frustration, anger, and disappointment. And so this impulse to control is the undiagnosed addiction behind all the others. Solution? Another fundamental: what you can control is yourself.

Is The Brown Method Step Therapy for You? Very Likely

August 15, 2015 | Written by:

Some revealing questions to ask yourself

So many of the things that that compromise our lives and relationships are symptoms of emotional dependency and the resulting control issues. These issues run so deep, they are often unrecognized and unquestioned. So how does this stuff show up? Can the Brown Method make a difference in your life? Continue

The Twelve Steps, Revisited

June 15, 2015 | Written by:

How is Brown Method step therapy different from the original Twelve Steps?

Dr. Brown’s steps differ from the traditional ones in important ways that include not only nuts and bolts, but also underlying premises. Here are seven key differences. And if the idea of changing the steps makes you uncomfortable (the nerve!), try reading the post “A Shout-out to AA” first. Dr. Brown critiques the steps, yes, but she based her therapy on them for a reason. Continue

A Shout-out to AA

April 30, 2015 | Written by:

The program has its problems. And its powers

The Twelve Steps and the program of AA have plenty of detractors. But don’t think Dr. Rosemary Brown is one of them. Her book Addiction Is the Symptom is based on the Twelve Steps, after all. And she credits AA with saving her life. Continue

A Glossary of Addiction: Top 10

April 01, 2015 | Written by:

Dr. Brown views things a little differently than you might be used to

Addiction Is the Symptom has a full glossary of terms that makes for a handy compendium of the book and of Dr. Brown’s ideas. Here are some of the key definitions. Some of this may be a little hard to get your head around outside the context of the book, which connects it all, but I still think it will help—in general and as you read this blog. So here you go, almost straight from the book. Continue