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A New Look at the Origins of Addiction

October 07, 2016 | Written by:

The parenting system teaches us control, not love

Where does addiction come from? The answer has deep implications for treatment. It’s Dr. Brown’s belief that it’s learned through the parenting system. That means it can be unlearned. Continue

Addiction Is the Symptom, Not the Problem

May 06, 2016 | Written by:

Dr. Brown addresses treatment professionals at The Fix

“While some treatment professionals dismiss the steps entirely, Dr. Brown instead has endeavored to make them better by shifting their focus from the individual symptoms of addiction … to what she suggests is the core emotional-spiritual deficit common to all forms of addiction.” Continue

Interview: Dr. Brown on Voice America Talk Radio

October 19, 2015 | Written by:

Dr. Brown spells things out in a Voice of America interview

Dr. Brown and I were recently interviewed by Dr. Irene Conlan of Voice America’s Self Improvement Show. The hourlong interview is a nice overview of Dr. Brown’s ideas and step method. What is addiction and where does it come from? What’s wrong with the traditional 12 Steps? How are hers different? Continue

Pedaling Downhill, Accelerating in the Turns

September 10, 2015 | Written by:

This Brown Method “grad” can’t shed those layers of crap fast enough

The Brown Method gets you out from under a whole lot of garbage (i.e. addictive behavior) pretty darn fast. You might want to pace yourself. Or not. I personally have speed-demon tendencies, so . . . Helmet? Check. Roll bar? Check. Faith? Working on it.

The Opposite of Navel Gazing

August 27, 2015 | Written by:

As in looking up and really seeing for the first time

Dr. Brown’s step method could be mistaken for the kind of “navel gazing” that people like to accuse traditional talk therapy of, fairly or not. But it couldn’t be farther from that—and not only because there’s relatively little talk involved. It’s because, in the end, it’s about embracing all of humanity. Really. Continue

Is The Brown Method Step Therapy for You? Very Likely

August 15, 2015 | Written by:

Some revealing questions to ask yourself

So many of the things that that compromise our lives and relationships are symptoms of emotional dependency and the resulting control issues. These issues run so deep, they are often unrecognized and unquestioned. So how does this stuff show up? Can the Brown Method make a difference in your life? Continue

Waking Up to Hitting Bottom

July 31, 2015 | Written by:

The a-ha moment that almost made me throw up

Dr. Brown redefines any number of things in “Addiction Is the Symptom.” Like hitting bottom. You don’t have to be living in a dumpster with a bottle of cheap vodka clutched to your chest to be living there. I was there. I had been there for most of my life. And I didn’t even know it. Continue

Identify with Your True Self

July 22, 2015 | Written by:

As opposed to all the crap piled on top of you

Self-identification is a powerful thing. Because the mind is a powerful thing. Whatever you attach to “I am” can become self-fulfilling. So what are the consequences of saying, over and over, forever and ever, “My name is [your name here], and I’m an alcoholic” (or whatever)? This is a guest post at Sobriety Collective. Continue

Alcohol Is a Really Serious Drug

July 16, 2015 | Written by:

Drinking your drug isn’t any better than smoking or shooting it

Here’s a real pet peeve of Dr. Brown’s: the phrase “alcohol and drugs.” Alcohol is, in fact, a serious drug. Yet alcoholism is segregated from other addictive behaviors in our language, both formally and informally. Arguably a convenient oversight.

Fence-sitters Anonymous

July 09, 2015 | Written by:

Dr. Brown’s step method isn’t hard. The hard part is the fear of doing it

As I worked on “Addiction Is the Symptom” with Dr. Brown, I became increasingly interested in undertaking her therapeutic process. I was already gaining new clarity about myself and my relationships. “Wow,” I thought. “What if I actually did the step work?” And then I just kept thinking, not doing. Emerson said it: “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” Continue