Rosemary Ellsworth Brown, PhD

Dr. Rosemary Ellsworth Brown is a psychologist. She graduated from Smith College as an Ada Comstock Scholar in 1989 and completed her doctorate in counseling psychology at the Union Institute in 1993. Her academic research focused on relapse, in particular on why AA and its myriad Twelve Step offshoots proved ineffective for the majority of their members.

rosemary-brownDr. Brown’s research has been not only academic and professional in nature, but also personal. She attended her first AA meeting in 1968, stayed sober for a year, and then experienced a tragic two-year relapse. She returned to the program determined to understand and solve the problem of relapse and devoted the rest of her professional life, and much of her personal life, to doing so.

Ultimately, she identified the primary cause of all addictive behaviors and modified the Twelve Steps to address it, eliminating their traditional symptom focus and trial-and-error aspect. She has been using The Brown Method™ step therapy to heal the cause of addictive behavior and prevent relapse among her clients and sponsees for upwards of 30 years.

You can read more about Dr. Brown’s life, including her struggle with and triumph over addiction, in chapter one of Addiction Is the Symptom, “My Name Is . . .” She also talks a bit about her background in this 10-minute interview on Recovery Radio.

Laura MacKay

A former journalist, Laura MacKay has been writing and editing professionally since 1990. While working on Addiction Is the Symptom, she realized that she could benefit from the process she was helping to define and describe. She completed Dr. Brown’s step process in April of 2014.