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Brain. Washed.

June 19, 2015 | Written by:

The Brown Method is a deep cleaning that leaves you with a mind of your own

“Have you considered whether you’ve been brainwashed?” my friend asked me. I guess I seemed too happy or something. The Brown Method is the opposite of brainwashing. It removes an indoctrinated set of beliefs and behaviors that constitute a false self—an addicted self. Continue

The Brown Method is different from the traditional steps

The Twelve Steps, Revisited

June 15, 2015 | Written by:

How is Brown Method step therapy different from the original Twelve Steps?

Dr. Brown’s steps differ from the traditional ones in important ways that include not only nuts and bolts, but also underlying premises. Here are seven key differences. And if the idea of changing the steps makes you uncomfortable (the nerve!), try reading the post “A Shout-out to AA” first. Dr. Brown critiques the steps, yes, but she based her therapy on them for a reason. Continue


A Lie about a Lightbulb in the Library

June 08, 2015 | Written by:

A lie is an addiction alarm bell. Once you learn to hear it

Lying is an addictive behavior. The next time you tell even a small a lie, try to get yourself to stop and think about it. You will likely find that you are afraid or trying to control someone or something. Fear, control, and manipulation: these characterize all addictive behaviors, which in turn are symptomatic of the real problem: emotional dependency.

I can tell you the exact moment that I really got this. Continue